Orson Welles

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A very busy birthday week on RadioClassics (heck the entire month of May is crammed with radio star’s birthdays)!

We will celebrate the birthdays of three different actors who played The Shadow on radio; John Archer, Brett Morrison and Orson Welles. Not only will Welles featured in that role but also on the following series; The Black Museum, The Third Man, Suspense, fill-in hosting The Jack Benny Program and Mercury Theater On The Air’s version of “A Tale Of Two Cities.”

We also have birthday specials for Gary Cooper, Alice Faye, Fred Astaire, Anne Baxter, Mike Wallace (of 60 Minutes Fame), Ben Wright (Pursuit, Escape, Suspense), Tyrone Power (guest on The Jack Benny Program) and announcer Frank Martin (Lights Out, Night Beat). Those final two (Tyrone Power & Frank Martin) are Centennial Celebrations.

Additional new to the channel this week episodes from Gangbusters, Mr. Keen Tracer Of Lost Persons, The Jack Carson Show, The Whistler, The Family Theater, Crime Classics, The CBS Radio Workshop


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