Mickey Rooney

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We open this week with a two-hour tribute for Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney who passed away April 6th at age 93. He will be heard alongside Judy Garland in both Lux Radio Theater’s “Merton Of The Movies” and The Screen Guild’s Theater’s production of “Babes In Arms”.

We also have birthday tributes for Bob Hastings (Archie Andrews, X-Minus One) still with us at 89; as well as Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee & Molly); Al Hodge (The Green Hornet); Hans Conried (My Friend Irma, The Life Of Riley….); Les Tremayne (The Falcon, The Thin Man); Joan Alexander (Lois Lane on Superman, Ellen on Philo Vance); film actress Wendy Barrie (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Suspense) and more.

We also have a 2-hour Superman Man of Steel Marathon,  a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar special featuring three episodes starring Edmond O’Brien plus additional new to the channel episodes from The Family Theater, Crime Classics, The Falcon, Gangbusters


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2 Responses to “April 13th to April 19th, 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights”

  1. GregBell says:

    It returned at Midnight ET on Friday was only out a few hours that evening. Not an ongoing situation.

  2. abrower says:

    tonight, April 11th, SiriusXM announces that “this channel is scheduled to be off the air.” yet, i see nothing of the kind in the schedule here. can you explain?

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