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Happy Valentine’s Day, or as we like to say it on RadioClassics, Happy Birthday, Jack!

Always a great week on the channel as we present lots of specials and birthday tributes. In addition to Jack Benny, also being celebrated:  Mary Jane Croft (Crime Classics, The Whistler, The Mel Blanc Show); Joseph Kearns (The Whistler, Suspense, Fort Laramie, Gunsmoke); Ronald Colman (Lux Radio Theater, Suspense, Request Performance, The Jack Benny Program); Mary Lee Robb (Marjorie on The Great Gildersleeve); Chester Lauck (Lum n Abner); composer Jerry Goldsmith (Frontier Gentleman trumpet theme) and announcer Bob Hite Sr (The Green Hornet, CBS Radio Workshop).

We also mark some radio series debut anniversaries; Superman’s 74th and Your Truly, Johnny Dollar’s 65th.

In addition to some Valentine’s Day comedy, we also once again celebrate George Valentine’s Day with an hour of Let George Do It episode starring Bob Bailey as a private detective named, yes, Valentine.


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2 Responses to “Feb. 9th to Feb. 15th, 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights”

  1. radioshadow says:

    Thank you and Word Press for letting me on here! I really like listening to “Old Time Radio” on SiriusXM channel 82 and have a big ?? Heard several great episodes recently- 1 was called “The Guidon” about the 7th Calvary before Little Big Horn with Barry Fitzgerald?. Another was a Suspense! episode called ‘Elwood” with Eddie Bracken, and the other was a ‘X Minus 1″ episode called ‘Dr. Schweitzer’s Sanitarium”….would LOVE to find these particular episodes to download and listen too. cannot find them on iTunes, Greg. Thank you, from ‘radioshadow’-Greg Bancroft, Lansing Michigan….

  2. Della16 says:

    I love getting the photos and being able to see who I am listening too. I would also like to hear more of mystery is my hobby. I love to hear of someone out doing the pros.

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