Clark Gable

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This week marks the 58th Anniversary of the debut of the top notch series, The CBS Radio Workshop. I am marking the event with two episodes; “The Storm” narrated by William Conrad and “People Are No Good” narrated by John Dehner.

The birthday tributes include movie stars; Clark Gable, Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Mature, W.C. Fields as well as very busy radio and television actor Howard McNear (Doc on radio’s Gunsmoke, Floyd The Barber on the Andy Griffith TV Show) and last but not least early radio legend, Eddie Cantor.

And remember; the 2nd Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise is scheduled for August 10th – 17th, 2014 departing Port Canaveral, Florida on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of The Seas. It may still be months off, but ya gotta reserve your cabins ASAP. If interesting in joining me on the cruise (and possibly on stage for the many radio re-creations) then visit the following website or give Larry a call at 800-269-2127. A video from the inaugural cruise can also be viewed here June 2013 Cruise


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