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Merry Christmas! This week features all Christmas shows from all the top series including Jack Benny, The Life Of Riley, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Dennis Day Show, Suspense, Dragnet, Gunsmoke….and traditional holiday offerings from Norman Corwin (The Plot To Overthrow Christmas); The Campbell Playhouse (A Christmas Carol with Orson Welles); Lux Radio Theater’s (It’s A Wonderful Life); The Five Part Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Christmas Storyline (The Nick Shurn Matter) and many more.

A special treat this year is my interview with Victoria Wilson, author of the new book; “A Life Of Barbara Stanwyck” a wonderful and comprehensive work detailing the talented film and television actresses early career (a future Volume Two will cover the rest). Our visit will follow the airing of the hour long Lux Radio Theater version of the Christmas themed motion picture “Remember The Night” starring Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray. It airs on Sunday the 22nd at 8am ET and 8pm ET plus a Christmas Day encore at 4pm ET. Here again is the link to the book CLICK HERE


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