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First of all, we are still looking for fans that would like to join me for the Radio Spirits Old-Time Radio Cruise planned for June 22nd-27th 2013 (NYC to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer Of The Seas). Cabins are filling up, so we need to hear from you now. You can either visit the website at  www.cruisingwithgregbell.com/ or call Larry at 800-269-2127   Lots of great activities planned, you can some of those by clicking HERE

Some great new to the channel this week episodes from the following series among others: The Jack Benny Program; Suspense; The Alan Young Show; Pursuit; The CBS Radio Workshop; The Whistler; Red Skelton Show; Gunsmoke, Screen Director’s Playhouse; Adventures Of The Saint, Let George Do It, The Adventures Of Sam Spade. Have Gun, Will Travel, Mr. & Mrs. North…..

We have a Centennial Celebration for two-time Oscar nominated big screen leading man, John Garfield (including a Screen Director’s Playhouse version of his film “Body & Soul”). We also are marking the birthdays of the following folks among others; Lou Costello, Virginia Gregg, child actor Bobby Driscoll (Treasure Island), Oscar winner Claire Trevor, Minerva Pious (Mrs. Nussbaum on The Fred Allen Show) and writer/producer/director David Friedkin (Bold Venture, Broadway Is My Beat, Escape).




8 Responses to “March 3rd to March 9th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. CodySnyder says:

    Greg, I really enjoy each and every week. I know that the shows are supplied by Radio Classics and I have purchased a lot of the collections. One collection that I would love to start getting is Dr. Kildare, any word on when they might start releasing those for purchase?

  2. Lana says:

    Keeping busy helps quite a lot. Sometimes I wish things would slow down, but I guess many people have that wish. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and I am still waiting to see the doc. Too bad you cannot send me a picture of the flowers, Cora.

  3. Lana says:

    I was looking at next week’s schedule and notice that the block for Phillip Marlowe/Sam Spade appears 4 times on Monday and 4 times on Thursday. Is this correct?

    • GregBell says:

      Nope, Operator error. This is one of those time when I wish I had a staff to blame it on! :0 Thanks for pointing this out, it has been corrected.


  4. Cora says:

    Just saw Virginia Gregg on an old episode of Dragnet. Just as good an actress on TV as radio.

  5. Lana says:

    I agree with you Cora,and I am not a fan of the Stooges either. Richard Diamond is lucky to have a gal like Helen Asher (VIrginnia Gregg) to keep him on the straight and narrow.

    • Cora says:

      How are you doing? Went to the PHL Flower show today, was thinking how much it would cheer you.

  6. Cora says:

    Loving the Virginia Gregg episodes. I remember her now that I see her picture. Not a big fan of Abbot & Costello. Find it too loud for my tastes.

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