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So glad to see many of you at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in the Baltimore area! My next appearance will be at the Friends Of Old-Time Radio Convention in Newark, New Jersey. The event runs from October 20th to the 23rd and plan to be there wandering around Friday afternoon/evening (10/21) and then will be at the Radio Spirits booth on Saturday (10/22) from Noon to 4ish. It is held at the Ramada Plaza near the Newark International Airport. You can find a link to details at the top of my main web page http://gregbellmedia.com/

Okay lots of new stuff this week, including a couple of western series making their channel debut. Hawk Larabee debuts as part of a birthday week tribute for Barton Yarborough (Ben Romero on Dragnet); We’ll also debut Wild Bill Hickok starring Guy Madison as we mark the birthday of Andy Devine (he voices sidekick, Jingles). Speaking of birthdays we have Groucho Marx in Norman Corwin’s “The Undecided Molecule”; Carole Lombard in Lux’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Helen Choate as Patsy Bowen in Nick Carter, Master Detective; June Allyson in a new to the channel episode “Music For Millions” as presented on The Screen Director’s Playhouse. We also mark the birthdays of Bud Abbott, Sarah Churchill, writer Mel Dinelli, composer Walter Schumann (Dragnet March) and announcers – Fred Collins, Tony Marvin and Don Rickles.

A busy week indeed.





2 Responses to “Oct. 2nd to Oct. 8th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Don says:

    Quiet around here this week. Has everyone gone over to Facebook?

  2. rikytik says:

    My favorite is always Fibber and Molly. I love 82. You do a great job with background, Greg.

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