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A couple truly lovely Hollywood actresses will be honored this week as we have birthday tributes for both Marie Wilson (My Friend Irma) and Maureen O’Hara (featured in the Suspense episode “The White Rose Murders”). Other highlights include a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; Mae West in a “scandalous” 1937 episode of The Chase & Sanborn Hour with Don Ameche, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy; an hour long radio version of “The Virginian”; two hours of William Conrad (Escape, The Whistler, Gunsmoke); two hours of Alan Reed (voice of Fred Flintstone) and much more.




5 Responses to “Aug. 14th to Aug. 20th 2011 RadioClassics Shows”

  1. phouseal says:

    Vic & Sade is the funniest writing of any radio show ever. It was so ahead of its time. I played the episode about “writing Walter a letter” for my family, and my teenage kids even laughed. Can’t believe no one seems to have heard of it.

  2. DaHermit says:

    Hey Greg,

    Now that Disney stopped production on the Lone Ranger (Thank God!), do you think the powers that be will release their iron fist on the radio version of the show?
    Not that I’m a Disney hater (pretty close though) I just believe the Mickey Mouse production agency would not do the Lone Ranger justice. This ain’t Uncle Walt’s team anymore! I mean Johnny Depp as Tonto? Props to Depp, he’s a great actor, but Tonto? Who would have been the Lone Ranger? Nicholas Cage?!!! Orlando Bloom? Angelina Jolie (Hmmmm)!

  3. Michael-NE Ohio says:


    I just wish some old 8mm/16mm film would show up showing these radio shows in action.

    There has to be some outlet somewhere to find this….so far I have not been able to get any information.

  4. Gene says:

    In my opinion, Maureen O’Hara is one of the most beautiful and classy women ever.
    Thank you for the great picture.

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