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The headline event this week is the anniversary of D-Day and to mark the 67th anniversary of the World War Two allied invasion of Normandy, we bring back The Orson Welles Almanac special D-Day Show from June of 1944. We also will play the George Burns & Gracie Allen Show episode which aired on the evening of D-Day.

Birthday week tributes are led by the following Dean Martin (Martin & Lewis Radio Show); William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy); Judy Garland (Screen Guild’s versions of Babes In Arms & For Me and My Gal); Ernest Chappell (Quiet, Please); Tom Collins (Frank Race, Chandu-The Magician); Joseph Julian (The Mysterious Traveler, Inner Sanctum Mysteries) and last but certainly not least Gerald Mohr (Philip Marlowe, Suspense, The Whistler).




14 Responses to “June 5th to June 11th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. navywrslr says:

    James Arness was not only a hero on TV,but was one in real life for his service during WW2. he was shot in the leg during the battle of ANZIO,and spent a year having his leg rebuilt,which explains the limp you can see some times.

  2. SharonDee says:

    My listening experience this week has been sporadic–signal fades in and out–so could anyone tell me whether any of this week’s birthdays fall on June 8th?

    • GregBell says:

      SharonDee June 8th

      Frank Lloyd Wright
      Nancy Sinatra
      Joan Rivers
      Jerry Stiller
      Juliana Marguilies
      Robert Preston
      Griffin Dunne
      Barbara Bush

  3. robmartin3 says:

    Hey, Greg. Who played Peg’s dad on the popcorn episode of Riley this afternoon? One of the Fred Flintstone voices I thought. I’m eager to find out since I think I have on his shoe. Thanks.

    • GregBell says:

      You bet, Alan Reed (The Voice of Fred Flintstone) he also shows up as Chester’s boss Mr. Stevenson from time to time.

  4. Michael-NE Ohio says:

    The Tom Collins picture makes me laugh when I think of how I pictured Frank Race…

  5. Don says:

    I won’t name the show and spoil the exciting conclusion for anyone who has not heard the program, but today when I was listening to one of the detective shows I laughed out loud. When the ace detective told the murderer that he revealed his guilt by unknowingly wearing one of the victim’s shoes and one of his own, well, that was quite a chortle. Just imagine wearing a shoe you’ve never had on your own foot before and not realizing it. Also, one shoe was black and one was brown. Snort!

  6. Matt Pelc says:

    I don’t think he had direct radio ties but TVs Matt Dillon, James Arness has passed away at 88.

    • GregBell says:

      Wow, Peter Graves last year, and now his big brother. I certainly could play a few Gunsmoke episodes as a tribute.

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      A sad day indeed. I actually traded emails with him several years ago for a few weeks. I don’t remember why but he was very gracious in his writing. I wish I still had the emails.

      Remember he was not the first choice for TVs Matt Dillion….John Wayne was….

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