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As is our annual tradition, this week is full of wall-to-wall Christmas themed radio shows from all the top series of the Golden Age including Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Bob Hope, The Shadow, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Fibber McGee & Molly and many more. Begins at Midnight ET Sunday 12/19 (11pm CT, 10pm MT, 9pm PT Saturday Night ) and continues with nothing but holiday programs until Saturday (Christmas) evening the 25th

Longtime channel fans will want to check out a significant number of “new to the channel this year” episodes including the debuts of Doctor Sixgun and Exploring The Unknown; also featured Let George Do It (with Bob Bailey); Nightbeat, Burns & Allen; The Great Gildersleeve; The Life Of Riley; Lum & Abner; The Alan Young Show; The Whistler (The Three Wise Guys with John Brown and Jack Moyles); Romance of the Ranchos and more.

We also have the return of popular requests; Grand Central Station’s “A Miracle For Christmas”; The Family Theater’s ” The Littlest Angel”; The Campbell Playhouse’s “A Christmas Carol” with Orson Welles and Lux Radio Theatre’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart & Donna Reed.




18 Responses to “Dec. 19th To Dec. 25th. (Christmas Week) Radio Classics Shows”

  1. Matthew says:

    Fibber McGee & Molly was kind of sad, a once great radio show, reduced to being recorded in a sound studio, with terrible writing. Couldn’t help but think of its glory days…

  2. Matt Pelc says:


    We lost another one :( The legendary announcer of the Lone Ranger, Fred Foy. He was 89.

  3. MISSGBMOO says:

    Well, I’m still limited to listening to “my” radio station in my dad’s office; I’m hoping there will be some way to connect an antenna in my house so I can hear the station I love the most throughout my whole house as I used to. I HATE not being able to hear it wherever and whenever. I may have to get a set for my car and sleep in my automobile so I can listen as I want. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  4. MISSGBMOO says:

    Oh, DUH! I’m such an idiot! I didn’t connect Blake Edwards with OUR Richard Diamond (as if there were any other?). I really enjoyed his work. He’ll be missed.

  5. evnearl says:

    We’re ready to settle in by the fireplace and listen to a good old-fashioned radio Christmas this week.

  6. Bill says:

    Well as of 11 AM on the 18th I will be off for the rest of the year. Bring on Christmas and Wall to Wall Christmas shows on OTR.I put a speaker out in front of my House on Christmas eve and let the Christmas shows play until Midnight.If anyone wants to se how I decorated my home check out the link.


    Merry Christmas Greg and to all my OTR friends.

    HO HO HO

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      Nice video….thanks for sharing

      • Bill says:

        Thank You Michael. It took me 5 hours to do everything and at 53 I was hurting when it was done. I must admit I was nervious when I hit the switch. I had images of Clark W Griswald flipping the switch an “NOTHING”. I have to say I was proud when they all went on.

        Merry Christmas

    • MISSGBMOO says:

      And a “Happy Ho-Ho” to you, too, Bill!

  7. GregBell says:

    Sad news today – Blake Edwards has died. He was 88.

    While best known today for all of his film work as a writer/director, radio fans know him for penning episodes of Richard Diamond, Private Detective & The Lineup. Since next week is filled with all Christmas shows, I’ll be sure to have a special tribute for him during the final week of December.


    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      At least all of the enjoyment he has given us with his shows will live forever.

      Thanks Greg….

    • evnearl says:

      AND he married my favorite performer, Julie Andrews. I’ve grown accustomed to sound of his snappy dialogue on Richard Diamond.
      He was a very talented writer.

  8. navywrslr says:

    I think of all the roles Walter Tetley did,I like Julius on the Phil Harris show the best.

  9. Michael-NE Ohio says:

    Morey Amsterdam will forever be Buddy from the Dick Van Dyke show…..

    New to the channel….got to love it….

  10. Lana says:

    I am looking forward to hearing new Christmas episodes since I already heard the previous ones several times. Maybe that is another reason why some people object to the Christmas in July specials.

    Greg –
    I was wondering / hoping if there was a Dr. Kildare Christmas show. I would have thought that one was created around the holiday season.

    • Will says:

      The Christmas shows this year have been great. I was thinking it would be nice for the week of New Years to have the 1st episode of every program. It would be great to hear how they started.

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