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We continue to build toward Christmas with more holiday themed radio episodes – during this week we’ll have offerings from Suspense, Jack Benny, Father Knows Best, The Shadow, The Author’s Playhouse, The Life Of Riley, Burns & Allen, Rocky Fortune, Abbott & Costello and more.

In the non-Christmas category; we mark the birthdays this week of Frank Sinatra; Jeff Chandler (Frontier Town, Michael Shayne, Our Miss Brooks); Van Helfin (Philip Marlowe, Suspense); Edward G. Robinson (Suspense, The Cavalcade of America) and Jay Jostyn (Mr. District Attorney)

My special guest during the Jay Jostyn hour-long special will be channel fan and legendary game show host, Wink Martindale.

Fans of extended radio shows will enjoy a special two-hour block containing a five-part Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon followed by a 35 minute long version of “A Miracle On 34th Street” starring Edmund Gwenn.




16 Responses to “Dec. 12th to Dec. 18th 2010 RadioClassics Channel Shows”

  1. rmembrila says:

    Greg Bell,

    I am registering myself during my last two weeks as a Sirius subscriber.

    Your mix of shows is terrible, and your overuse of comedies (especially during west coast commute times) has caused me to leave the old time radio channel hundreds of times.

    I learned to love old time radio from the old KNX1070 drama hour. They had the mix right (six days of drama, detectives, westerns, etc. followed by one day of comedies).

    I find that wasting my time with your mix is frustrating and does not deserve a paid following.

  2. laci2ke says:

    Hi, Greg…I’ve been meaning to ask: Do you have any access to the radio shows, modelled after these OTR programs to be sure, that used to be on the CBS news network after the 9:00 pm world news roundups (at that timeslot in the Los Angeles area anyway on KNX 1070) that aired during the mid 1970s?

    Mandel Cramer is only one of the many players’ names (maybe Ralph Bell as well?) that I can recall, but I know I enjoyed those shows, and wondered if you might dip in to that reservoir of oldies at some point… .

    Thank you for all your entertaining insights, and have a Merry Holiday.

    • Will says:

      Try searching for CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I think they aired in 77 to 79. There are a lot of them and I play them at work.

      • laci2ke says:

        Sorry for the wrongly place reply but, thanks a mill for the tip, Will…as I said in my erroneously placed post, I just ordered the entire set of the CBS MysteryTheater productions for thirty bucks!

  3. Lana says:

    I was just surprised to hear you mention that area. It used to be close to my old stomping grounds. That area is definitely not safe anymore.

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      I want to move up into Astubula county but I work down near Pittsburgh, PA….

      Anyway, where is all the weekly chatter? Lots of good shows this week and next….

      What did you get me for Christmas Greg?

  4. Lana says:

    Are you familiar with the Youngstown area?

  5. Lana says:

    Michael –

    Do you know where Idora Park was?

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      McFarland and Parkview Aves in Youngstown

      idorapark.org is the historic website

      • laci2ke says:

        Thanks a mill, Will – I just ordered the entire set of 1399 episodes (can’t belive there were that many…!) $30 — that’s alot of mystery for the buck, to be sure!

  6. Michael-NE Ohio says:

    My mother-in-law (passed in 2001) told me a story about skipping work to see a very young Frank Sinatra at Idora Park Ballroom in Youngstown, Ohio. This was when he was with Tommy Dorsey…

  7. SharonDee says:

    Oh boy, more special guests! It’s fun knowing what celebrities enjoy the channel as much as we do.

    I’ll also have to cop to enjoying poking fun at what today’s audiences would rightly see as condescension to non-whites and women. As a teen in the 70s I used to hate the I Love Lucy show and others because of that. But now I’ve learned to accept these shows for what they were, produced in the times for which they were made.

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      It’s something when you pick up a DVD collection at Best Buy and someone criticizes your choice based on today’s standard of political correctness. I am also amazed at people who criticize a television show or radio program based on the actor(s) in the show.

      It is like criticizing USC today for OJ Simpson. I wish we could lighten up and enjoy the shows on their own merit and remember that these shows reflect the ideals of the time period they were made.

      I agree with you totally SharonDee and I appreciate the radio stations (free air and sat) and the TV stations that play these programs in the original format….

  8. Lana says:

    Michael –

    I heard that Cleveland got pounded with a snowstorm last night. I bet you are glad to be down south. Let me know if your company needs engineers.

    Have a safe trip back. The bloggers are waiting for you.

    • Michael-NE Ohio says:

      Waiting for me? Ha…only my dog is waiting for me just for me. My wife wants me home to clear the driveway….

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