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Very busy heading into the holiday season, so I will be brief this week.

Highlights include a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon, new to the channel episodes from Romance of the Ranchos; An American Gallery (with Pat Buttram as the voice of Will Rogers); Lum & Abner; Jack Benny; Nightbeat; Blackstone, Dr. Kildare, The Whistler and more.

We mark birthdays for Judy Canova, Alan Young (91 this week!), Sherwood Schwartz (wrote for Alan Young and Bob Hope and 94 this week!), Fibber star Jim Jordan AND Fibber McGee and Molly writer, Don Quinn.


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14 Responses to “Nov. 14th to Nov. 20th Radio Classics Channel Schedule”

  1. Don says:

    The program on Will Rogers reminded me of a visit to the house described in the beginning of the program. When I was a kid my family visited Will Rogers State Park, near Santa Monica. I remember that the ceiling of the living room was so high that there was an indoor porch swing hanging from the beam. Polo was very popular with movie stars during the 20s and 30s and his own personal polo field attracted his many friends. With the severe budget problems in Califonria I wonder how the park’s budget is keeping up with demands for maintenance and improvements. Here’s a link

  2. MISSGBMOO says:

    Hi, Gang! Greg – I heard the episode of “Sam Spade” with Steve Dunne and I didn’t think he was bad at all. OK so he wasn’t Howard Duff but that wouldn’t have stopped me from listening to him. I think Mr. Dunn got short-shrifted.
    Next week’s sked looks delicious – a birthday tribute to one of the Mighty Three — John Dehner — and an airing of “The Screaming Woman,” which was wonderful and scary the 1st time I heard it. It’s still scary no matter how many times I hear it.
    It’s bee 5 months since we got the new antenna but I still can’t hear the radio throughout the hosue like I used to. But we can get it a lot better in Dad’s office since he changed the location of the receiver. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Gang and Greg. And I’m SO thankful for all you do and have done to make so many people so happy, Greg! God BLESS you and your family.

  3. Michael-NE Ohio says:

    One of the sites Greg has posted before is this one


  4. Maineiac says:

    Greg, I know you’ve answered this before, but I always forget to write your answer down. There have been several times that you have quoted from an old time radio book that I think you have referred to as “the bible of old time radio shows”. Would you please give the title one more time? My kids want to get it for me for Christmas. Thanks!

  5. mandymarie20 says:

    I agree with Robin. Totally didn’t recognize Judy Canova. Never would have placed her with that voice. Thanks for the Johnny Dollar this week!

    • Don says:

      Glamor shot it right. I remember seeing Judy Canova movies in the 1950s and she didn’t look like that! Most of the time she went with the cowgirl look.

  6. jsande22 says:

    Do you know how many surnames Chester had on Gunsmoke/

    • Matt Pelc says:

      Chester Proudfoot on the radio show and Chester Goode on the TV show.

      The real question that no one has quite explained to me is why was Chester never an official deputy on both the radio and TV show? But then when Dennis Weaver chose to leave the show and leave the character of Chester behind, Matt had several deputies, including Festus and Newly. (I have to say the color episodes of Gunsmoke were AWFUL and tarnished the legacy of the radio show IMO).

      The odd thing is in the first Christmas themed episode Matt is telling a story to someone and says that Chester is “his deputy” but later on I remember an episode with this dialouge as Matt brings a bad guy in my stage coach:

      Bad guy: Is that your deputy?
      Matt: Chester’s not my deputy
      Bad guy: Well he sure acts like it.
      Matt: Yeah he does, doesn’t he.

  7. Michael-NE Ohio says:

    Me either…

    Bill, I will restart our last thread..

    1. Michael-NE Ohio says:
    November 11, 2010 at 7:40 am
    When are we going to have the OTR picnic?

    Reply Bill says:
    November 12, 2010 at 7:22 am

    • GregBell says:

      I’ll bring the potato salad and the horseshoes

      • Michael-NE Ohio says:

        Okay Mr. Smarty Pants…..we should really find a place, set a date and see who shows up. I can update my ‘Bell-Bloggers Location’ Excel sheet and we can pick a place in the epicenter.

        I’ll even help you with your transportation. I’ll have Chester get the horses and hitch up the wagon and Hey Boy can pack your bag…

  8. Robin says:

    Boy, I didn’t even recognize Judy Canova! Not her common character portrayal at all!

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